Unity93 is a small, land sales and acquisitions business—we buy and sell vacant, rural land. 


The ownership information contained in our purchase offers is public record available from the local County Assessor’s office. 


Our purchase offers are part of “blind offer” mail campaigns, meaning Unity93 has NOT seen your parcel prior to mailing. Our first look at your property happens when we receive a signed Purchase Agreement returned to us from a potential seller. 


Some things to keep in mind about the Purchase Agreement form:

  • Signing the form DOES NOT obligate you, as the Seller, to sell your land.
  • Returning a signed Purchase Agreement simply lets us know that you’re serious enough about our offer for us to invest our time and effort into conducting our Buyer’s due diligence.
  • When a signed Purchase Agreement is received, Unity93 conducts an initial evaluation and review of the parcel to determine if the property fits our basic acquisition criteria. If it does, you will be notified that Unity93 would like to proceed with a purchase contingent upon a more extensive Buyer’s due diligence process.